About Us

At D Giggs we provide high quality pointing and repointing work in Saltdean, Brighton, Hove and the surrounding areas. If your brickwork is showing signs of erosion through weathering, moisture, or decay, with gaps beginning to appear in the mortar, then our expert team will solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

We will cut out and repoint the brickwork to the worn walls of the property. The grinding out is done with diamond blades and vacuum assisted cutting down on dust to air pollution and mess, the joints are cleanly cut from brick to brick to a depth of 15 to 20 mm and are washed down each day to remove dust and avoid staining.

The mortar put back in is to a specified mix to ensure long lasting life.

We have been repointing properties on the south since 1985 so we have a lot of experiance with worn pointing and spalled/damaged bricks. We also specialise in paths, patios, driveways and garden walls.